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St. Peter's Primary School and Nursery Unit, Moortown

Kindness Week & Road Safety Week

18th Nov 2022

This week we have been celebrating 'Kindness Week' in St. Peter's and highlighting how small little acts of kindness can make a huge difference to someone's day. We are very lucky to have such kind boys and girls in our school who always look out for each other, help each other and of course are KIND to each other!

Well done to the boys and girls who were awarded 'Pupil of the Week' this week for their kind and caring natures.


The Little Things

The little things are most worthwhile 
A quiet word, a look, a smile, 
A listening ear that’s quick to share 
Another’s thoughts, another’s care… 
Though sometimes they may seem quite small, 
These little things mean most of all.


We have also been celebrating 'Road Safety Week' and the children have been learning about how to keep themselves and others safe on our roads.

It's been busy ... so on Friday we had a 'BE BRIGHT/ODD SOCKS' day as a fun way to end our week.

We also wished Ms Fletcher and Mrs McGuckin - Happy Bithday!