About Us

School Motto:

'Play together, Learn together, Work together'

A Statement of School’s Ethos and Aims


We aspire for all our children to become confident, secure, independent and caring individuals who achieve personal success and develop a love of learning.  Children are central to all provision and activity within this school

St Peter’s Primary School and Nursery Unit is a Catholic school, committed to the aims of Catholic Schools.


  • To provide a broad, balanced, relevant, differentiated curriculum based on the key principles of the Northern Ireland Curriculum that is accessible to all.
  • To develop a happy, positive, stimulating, secure, caring and calm environment with resources which promote the motivation to learn.
  • To develop a genuine love of learning and enable our pupils and ourselves to become independent lifelong learners and thinkers.
  • To enable all our pupils to become happy, healthy and emotionally intelligent open-minded citizens with a high self esteem and concern for others.
  • To encourage high standards of behaviour and respect.
  • To develop in pupils the confidence, skill and competencies required for a diverse and changing world.
  • To develop in pupils personal qualities of perseverance, confidence, independence and  co-operation with others.
  • To encourage, value and extend every child’s contribution to the school.
  • To recognise and celebrate success in everyone.
  • To build strong collaborative partnerships with families, the local community and other schools.
  • To encourage and enable the continuous professional development of all staff.
  • To empower pupils and staff to contribute significantly to each other’s development as well as to the life of the Church.
  • To foster an atmosphere in which pupils value their time in St. Peter's as a rich and rewarding time in their lives.